Meet Photographer and Fashion Maven, Sabrina Meijer

Browse through Sabrina Meijer’s Instagram posts, and you’re bound to quickly understand her distinctive personal style: clean silhouettes, minimalist colours, and statement accessories which tie each look together somewhat effortlessly. The Amsterdam-based photographer and editor has close to 100K followers who feverishly double-tap through her social media account, which blends her own style with tons of vintage-esque inspiration. There are also bits and pieces of her own life, her travel, and her work as a photographer. She’s somewhat a jack-of-all-trades. Meijer studied graphic design in university, had a personal blog for years, later launched an online magazine, and now owns her own brand, CURRATED

Vivano and Meijer are set to collaborate together later this month, but before this, Meijer has provided us with an exclusive look into her life on social media, her style tips, and more.

1) How would you describe your style?

I would say it’s pretty effortless. My closet is a mix of vintage or secondhand, designer pieces with simple classics and a small batch of curated (no pun intended!) special pieces that I wear over and over again.

2) What are your rules for dressing the Amsterdam way?

I always feel like comfort comes as the biggest priority because everything should be comfortable enough to bike in. Also, everything worn should be all kinds of weather-appropriate, since you never really know what the weather’s gonna do.

3) Social media has, without a doubt, changed the landscape of businesses and industries everywhere. How do you think the fashion industry has been affected by influencers and bloggers? 

It became a democracy and all of a sudden, everyone got a voice. I have a love/hate relationship with social media. But without a doubt, I’ve experienced so many things thanks to social media. For example, I could’ve never started my women’s wear brand this is CURRATED, without those experiences.

4) Do you ever feel the need to take a break from social media?

Yes! I also do it all the time. Every year, I delete social media from my phone between Christmas and New Year’s. I regularly switch my phone off for the weekend or leave my phone at home when I leave the house for a dinner or Sunday stroll.

5) What prompted you to start ‘this is CURRATED’?

This is a very cliché answer, but starting my own brand has been a childhood dream for me and one day I decided to just give it a go.

6) What is the design process behind the brand? 

I try to stay very close to my personal style, so I design what I want to wear or would see my closest friends wearing. I don’t work with collections, but with drops, essentially ‘curating’ 5-8 pieces every six months that I would want to add to my own wardrobe.

7) You’ve said that the store reflects your own personal style, which is also carefully curated. What is your philosophy when it comes to building your closet?

I try to add only a few pieces each season and only buy something new when I really REALLY love something. I barely shop in real life, I’m an online, vintage and secondhand shopper. I tend to leave a piece that I’m eyeing open in a tab in my browser for days, maybe even weeks, before I take the plunge.

8) What advice do you have for aspiring photographers?

Practice, practice, practice and practice some more, it’s really the only way to grow. I would take a course to get familiar with your basics and then go give it a go. I’d also say to really try to follow your own instincts and leave all the rules for what they are. Sometimes my favourite photos are the ones I quickly took with my iPhone on set.

9) What are the accessories you couldn’t live without?

My rings! They each have a story, chunky gold earrings and a bag that fits pretty much all.

For more of Sabrina’s story and style, visit her Instagram account here.

Written by Meera Navlakha. Find more of her work on Twitter and Instagram.